FLYING OVER "No One Here Gets Out Alive​!​" LP


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No Come Back 02:05
Closer 02:55
Sex On Video 02:09


11 tracks of garage punk rock "77 Style" on Red Vinyl & CD, male & female vocals with "Closer" a cover from TV Killers. Recorded by Michel Toledo, Mastering By Arnaud Houpert.

all band infos & press review here:

Now we’re talking. The French punks continue to put out great music. This one is straightforward, catchy and has a certain new wave quality to it, though it is mostly old-school punk rock. With the dual male/female vocals, it is just right up my alley. “You wanna sex with me tonight.” On red vinyl, this one is worth putting some effort into finding. Highest recommendation. Excellent. Is there another way to say it? (KK)

Maximum Rock'n'Roll Magazine (USA) –2011

Nope, they’re not a Doors-influenced band, despite the album’s title. Instead, Flying Over sound like TV Killers (whom they cover with “Closer”), Stitches, and other bands from the ‘90s who were wearing their ‘77 punk and KBD style proudly on their sleeves. Mainly mid-tempo rockers that will make you bounce around the room and maybe kick something now and then. “No Come Back” and “Everybody Sucks” are the two standouts among a really good batch of songs. (Matt Average)

Razorcake Magazine (USA) –2011

we've been on the tail of these Frenchies since the release of their debut album back in '04 and each time we heard or saw 'em they gained in maturity and quality. From the 7"s they released throughout the last couple o' years you could tell the many years on the road had sharpened the band's songs, sound and skills. The rip Offs - meets -Dwarves approach from their debut got turned in for a full-on '77 Punk attack and fully blossoms on these 11 tracks. Fuck, this actually sounds like a modern day Kids! Some tunes are know from their 7"s (like all three tracks - too bad!- off their "Are You A Punk", be it the 7" recordings are a bit more basically put to tape) some brand new, some fast, some mid-tempo, but they all got one common factor: they rip you a new fucker! Me thinks this band is heavily underrated and undernoticed, so it's time to stand up and take care of business!! (Wim Retard)

HIGH HEELS SLUT MAGAZINE # 11 (Belgique)-2011

77er Retro-Punk der Oberklasse, genau die Art von Krawall, die man seit jeher von französischen Punkbands gewöhnt ist und nicht missen möchte. Wenn es mal wieder ansteht, zünftig das Tanzbein zu schwingen und sich auf die Creepers wahlweise Chucks trampeln zu lassen und die KIDS gerade nicht zur Hand sind, die SEX PISTOLS zu teuer sind und die DOGS aus Frankreich ohnehin schon längst Geschichte, dann kann man stattdessen auch zu FLYING OVER torkeln.

Nicht ohne Grund hatte ich einmal vor, diese Band für ein kleines Stelldichein zu buchen, was jedoch leider an finanziellen Engpässen meinerseits scheiterte. Dass ich dementsprechend etwas Negatives sagen würde, kann nicht erwartet werden.Völlig subjektiv und damit völlig im Recht, weil ganz in der Tradition der großartigen TV KILLERS oder NO-TALENTS, und wer sich außerdem Namen wie Jet Boy und Jet Girl gibt, kann ohnehin nur gewinnen. Ganz am Rande aber noch eins: die Songs in der Muttersprache knallen am besten, mehr davon bitte.(Dirk Klotzbach)

Ox-Fanzine / Ausgabe #97 (Germany)-2011

"These Frenchies were personally chose by Thee Vicars to appear on the first volume in their Holy Twist compilation of garage-punk bands "Get Wyld!" - so you can take that as a guarantee that it's a band worth seeing. Influenced by the likes of the TV Killers, the Kids, Sex Pistols, Vibrators, Saints, Stooge you're sure to find yourself witnessing a top class, crazy and frantic display of punk rock action."

- Dirty Water Records (UK), Review October 2010

"Picked by Thee Vicars for inclusion on the Get Wyld compilation on their own Holy Twist label, these Bordeaux boys are one of the best of the current crop of young underground bands playing savage, unrestrained garage rock’n’roll. They take all the good parts of the 60s and 70s and mix them together in a scuzzy, fuzzy reverb-drenched bucket. For fans of the TV Killers, Devil Dogs, Teengenerate, etc.."

- Dirty Water Records (UK), Review July 2010


released October 21, 2010


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